PAB Basic First Aid and CPR

What Is PAB Inc.?

PAB is a company providing the latest CPR and First Aid Training developed by a team of International practicing Medical Doctors and Emergency Personnel.

Our mission is to simplify Basic Emergency Response Training, and to make the tools and skills necessary for saving lives available to the general public. We have developed a simple, user-friendly and inexpensive approach to First Aid, CPR & Oxygen Administration Training. Our self-study educational system includes training support materials (such as CPR Mannequins, Multi Media Presentations, Barriers and Gloves) that provide the necessary practice and confidence you need to feel prepared to respond to an emergency in the home, the workplace, or any environment. The Educational system, based on Red Cross and American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines, is available in  English and Spanish. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to possess the life saving skills and training necessary to respond correctly in the event of an emergency, and to make that training easy, fun and affordable for everyone. You can study and practice the skills in the comfort of your own home, gaining the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing you can save a life. If you require Basic First Aid and CPR Certification credentials, you can also choose to participate in group classes with a PAB Instructor or other FA/CPR Instructor in your area.

Improving Lives Around the World

In today’s society, an emergency situation can arise in an instant, and the proper action from the people first responding can make the difference between life and death. We believe Basic First Aid training must be practical and easily applicable in order to be effective, and to avoid panic situations where the rescuer is unable to react. The more people who possess PAB First Aid and C.P.R. Training and skills, and have the knowledge and confidence to handle an emergency, the more lives can be saved in an emergency.

The PAB Educational System was created to provide the practical experience, equipment and real-life application needed to build knowledge and confidence. PAB Training is flexible, and the different levels of training can be adjusted to the needs of individuals or student groups. We are dedicated to the belief that everyone should be able to take comfort in knowing that they are prepared and capable of assisting his or her family, friends or strangers in the event of an emergency.

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