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In an emergency, time is measured in split seconds.  Proper immediate response is crucial, and knowing what to do can make the difference between life and death. PAB Basic First Aid and CPR Training can help you make the difference 


An emergency can strike us at work, at home, almost anywhere, and always when we least expect it. We believe everyone should have the ability to save a life. With First Aid and CPR Training made simple, in the comfort of your own home, you can be prepared to offer life-saving assistance in an emergency.

The PAB Basic First Aid and CPR Educational System is based on American Heart Association and Red Cross Guidelines and was designed for both home as well as classroom use. With quick-reference PAB Student Manuals, Multi-Media Presentation Guides, Affordable CPR Mannequins, and Personal Protection Barrier Devices, you can learn Basic First Aid and CPR with your family in the comfort of your own home!

For further practice, professional instruction or PAB Certification, you can participate in group courses held by PAB Instructors in your community. Our affordably priced materials are available in English and Spanish, so the question is...       ...Can you afford to wait?

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